Welcome to Jakub Moravec webpages

Good day. You could say that I am a traveler, photographer,o_mne writer, poet, sound engineer and occasional journalist. I’m also a great lover of faraway places, adventures, coffee and whiskey (and whisky). You can find my photographs in the photo bank of ČTK, at the several websites or as a decorations; my works irregularly can be found at many places and in different forms.

Besides expedition style of traveling, where I explore the world, often with Jan Šťovíček who writes popular books about our travels.  I’m a lover of caravanning, cycling and “iron roads” (via ferratas). Nowadays we also drive out as a tuned guide outdoor tour of South Africa.

Please accept an invitation to some part of this “my” world. I believe that you’ll feel here pleasantly
inspirational and easy-going, that you will be glad to come back and maybe our paths will cross each
other somewhere one day. The pleasure is all mine.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact me.